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are you ready, and at the price of what sacrifice, to live the good life together? – Bruno Latour

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Gaelan Profile

GAELAN GILBERT is a teacher, writer/editor, and casual cyclist who sends way too many emails. His doctoral research pertains to personification allegory, political ecology, and premodern ways of imagining the future.

Emily Profile

EMILY SMITH is a writer, teacher, editor, and designer living in New York. She recently completed her MA at the University of Victoria where she studied early modern poetry, theology, and media theory. She also designs websites like this one.| @grimaldibus|

Megan Profile

MEGAN GILBERT is a freelance illustrator and a Montessori certified art teacher. She has taught and exhibited in the U.S., France, Greece & Canada. As our in-house illustrator, Megan is also what we call 'the talent'.|

Special thanks to San Diego based book-artist and graphic designer, Jenny Yoshida Park, who generously allowed us to reconstitute the images from her hand-made book, ABCD, or A Brief Condensed Diagrammatical Abridgement of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in Twenty-Six Pages in the design of our site.